Simplon Court – Architects: Gábor and Bence Turányi t2a – Year: 2010

The most colorful corner of Budapest owes its name to a nearby residential block from the modern period. Indeed, it is not the court that makes the building so worth seeing, but rather its colorful residential boxes. Glazed strips in seven different colors frame each residential unit. The strips, which are not entirely coherent, enclose the balconies and the glass bay windows of the flats which are accessible from the pergola facing the courtyard. The vibrant front doors are particularly shown to advantage within the walls clad in dark natural stone slabs on the courtyard side. The interplay of color facing the street attains perfection through the detailed undersides of the floor slabs. These are in keeping with the color scheme of the relevant box, thus producing the box-like configuration. The colorful Venetian blinds also maintain the rhythm of color. All this interplay of color and form should provide sufficient inspiration for architectural students residing opposite on their daily journey to university.

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