MÜPA-Palace of Arts – design: Gábor Zoboki – built: 2005

The largest cultural building of recent decades also marks the new border of the city centre. The palace established on a pentagonal plan accommodates three facilities: in the middle the concert hall, to the east the dance theatre and to the west the museum devoted to contemporary art. These functions are bound together through an impressive hall. While the rear of the building constitutes a high natural stone wall, a strip of the same material frames the main front. The alternation between glass façades and porticoes lends structure to the longitudinal front. Upon entering the building, the prow-like concert hall covered with wooden panels towers above the visitor. A wide stair leads to the auditorium and the dance theatre. The slits on both sides of the concert hall invite one to linger and provide a peaceful setting within the vastness of the hall. Their introverted façades continue the pattern of the skin, thus safeguarding the visual cohesion of Müpa Budapest.

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