Geometria Office Building – design: 3h – Katalin Csillag and Zsolt Gunther – built: 2013

Not far from the tourist paths, in a quiet side street not far from the Danube hides one of the most beautiful examples of recent Budapest architecture, at the same time a convincing contribution of Hungary to sustainability. In response to the various building epochs which characterise this area, the architects placed white glass boxes above one another which alternatively jut out towards the streetscape or neighbouring development, thus bringing a playful tranquility to the street. Since it was not possible to bridge the gap between the buildings to the north, the longest façade front emerged here – as well as the opportunity to install a complete glazing scheme. The motif of the chequered boxes continues on the western side, albeit with automatic solar protection elements. The dots on the glass façade lend the five-storey office building an even more playful touch, although these primarily provide protection from the sun. Inside, gleaming white dominates the atrium and the playfulness of the architecture continues. During the summer nights, the atrium roof opens to allow warm air to flow out naturally.

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